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Sapa is located in a beautiful mountain area in the North West of Vietnam, about 380 km from Ha Noi where you can find many different cultures of the minorities of H’Mong, Red Dzao, Dzay, Tay, Xa Pho, as well the most beautiful landscape of Hoang Lien Son range, Muong Hoa Valley and Paddy Rice Fields. The Climate is cool the whole year even in summer which makes Sapa one of the best destinations to visit in the world. 


Eco Palms House is located in a Black Mong Village, Lao Chai with the best views of the Hoang Lien Son Mountain and the Muong Hoa Valley. With 8 private Bungalows on a beautiful paddy rice field, guests will be close to Mother Nature and get away from busy life of city center. Each of the Eight Bungalows is designed as a local minority group house in Sapa - a Black H’Mong House, a Flower H'Mong House, a Red Dzao House, a Dzay House, a Tay House, a Xa Pho House and Two Relaxation Private Bungalows are Thai House and Lu House. We also offer traditional dress of each minority that guests can wear when they join us in a Market Tour every morning. Of course front desk is available 24 hours, daily housekeeping service and Turn-down service with your choices of pure essential oil for complementary will be more than convenience for guest to stay and relax. Eco Palms House also offers a Family House where travelers can meet each other and share valuable information when they are traveling. A traditional wooden House of the Tay ethnic group with a fire place and roof of palm leaves is a perfect place to greet and meet each other and make everyone feel at home. 

Eco Palms House Spa is an additional option with Retreat Package, including Herbal Bath and Signature Treatments where guests can relax, detoxify, and rejuvenate themselves. Healthy drinks and organic foods will be the best way to keep you well during a week of retreat. 


Cooking Class will be held every morning, and guests can join us in a visit to the Sapa Market to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and foods, followed by cooking class at noon. Upon finishing we visit the local school where guests can give foods to children. We call this social work “Feeding Sapa”, is much more meaningful than other charity initiatives. Eco Palms House is very happy to allow guests to do this social work that provides a better life for poor children.


Sunset Cocktail is served daily so guests can rest and socialize. Guests receive one complimentary drink with many thanks and respect from  Khanh and Hien who always enjoy improving hospitality services in Sapa and who are ready to connect you with local people if you wish to be involved in additional charity efforts. Sunset Cocktail is also a great time to share information about local culture and events, and obtain feedback from guests about our services.


How to get to Eco Palms House? 
Only 6Km from Sapa Town and get passed by a Ticket Station to Lao Chai, Ta Van & Giang Ta Chai Village with 75.000 VND per person (travelers are requested to buy tickets by the Goverment then travelers don't need to buy any visiting tickets to other villages down to the Valley. Just remember to keep tickets until check-out day to present whenever you enter into the Village.
The Taxi is available 24-hours a day that is the best way to get to Eco Palms House with 150.000 VND or our private car pick-up from Sapa Town to Eco Palms is 230.000 VND.


Eco Palms House is not a Luxury Resort. 
Located on a hillside and built from local products, Eco Palms House is environmentally friendly. TV and Telephone are not available in any Bungalow. Wifi are available in every private bungalows and Friendly House. Electricity is not strong because we use a local transformer substation. That why it's takes time to heat water in winter and, moreover, the natural water source from the mountain is very cold even in summer. 
The water we use is cleaned by sand, charcoal, and stone. Sometimes we suffer power outages, but we do not have a generator therefore water supplying not so strong. In these moments, we use candles and oil lamps. We are in the middle of rice fields so you can occasionally see many insects, but there is no need to worry about this because they are not poisonous. 
Compared to other Sapa resorts, we have the best view, genuine hospitality and a beautiful locale to hide away from bustle of the city. We also try to do our best to make your stay comfortable and memorable so that you will always recommend us to your friends and relatives.


Eco Palms House

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Now come to Sapa is much easier ever by our Limousine direct from Hanoi to Eco Palms.

The Limousine offers 8 comfortable seats instead of 16 seats and it is the most luxury transportation and convenience for travelers who love to visit Sapa.

Why travelers choose this Limousine service?

It takes only 5 hours to get to Sapa Town then other 20 minutes to Eco Palms House. Great, it save more time than usual and of course save more money for travelers. If travelers go to Sapa by train, it will be 9hours to reach to Lao Cai station then transfer to other Van or Car to Sapa (about 60 minutes) to Eco Palms house(plus other 20minutes).

Price & Time

From Hanoi to Eco Palms: at 7:00AM and 15:00 Everyday

Price: 35 USD per Person.( Minimum two Persons)

From Eco Palms to Hanoi: at 7:30AM and 14:30 Everyday

Price: 35 USD per Person.( Minimum two Persons)

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